Get to know your customers and sharpen your offer

Collect feedback from customers automatically with Touch&Tell's simple yet powerful terminals


Continuous, automatic feedback 

We understand how important it is to listen to customers and make small improvements to your business in order to stay on top. That's what Touch&Tell is for. We make customer surveys better and more fun. 

Touch&Tell gives you the exact customer information that you need in order to optimise your offer, in a way that's quick and cost-effective. 

Our terminals are unmanned and operate 24 hours a day anywhere in the world. Everything is monitored and controlled remotely.


Reach customers you otherwise can't reach

You don't need the customer's contact information to ask them questions.

See changes over time

Are your customers happier today than they were yesterday? How do results change with the season, day of the week or hour? 

Compare different locations

Which of your locations are doing well and which need help? Compare anything from two locations to hundreds. 

No manual intervention

Since the terminals are unmanned you can gather feedback continuously, even when you're extra busy.

Collect contact information

Build your customer database and follow up after the visit. 

Motivate your team

Share daily results with your team and let them own the service quality.


We tailor our service to your needs so that you get everything out of Touch&Tell and reach your goals.


Want to know more?

Customers in many industries

Touch&Tell is used in many different ways in many different areas. Here are some of our customers and what they say about us.

Our cooperation with Touch&Tell has resulted in an extensive bank of statistics that we use in our planning, profiling and business development work.
— Jaana Atosuo, Communications Manager, Västarvet
With Touch&Tell, we can clearly demonstrate improvements in prioritised areas. We’re very satisfied.
— Stefan Hummel, Deputy Regional Director, Bilia
We are very happy with the quick and professional support we get from Touch&Tell, not to mention the development suggestions.
— Lena Holmberg, Innovation Advisor, Chalmers Innovation Office

Easy to get started

We give you everything you need and help you through every step. 


Step 1. Create your first survey together with us

We help you come up with questions based on your goals and our experience. If you want, you can also log on to the web and create, change, or delete questions yourself. 

Touch&Tell has support for many different types of questions such as smileys, multiple choice, free text and "Net Promoter Score". You can ask follow-up questions based on how people respond, and translate the survey into several languages. 

It's very easy to change your survey if a question doesn't provide the information you need. Edit questions via Touch&Tell on the web (or ask us to do it for you) and all your terminals are updated automatically within one minute.


Step 2. We deliver your Touch&Tell terminals

Your Touch&Tell terminals are delivered wherever you want. They arrive fully assembled with a 3G connection. All you need to do is plug them in and press the start button. We also send you a lock that you can use to protect the terminals. As an option, we'll design and print a custom sign with your logo and personal message to the customer. 

You rent the terminals from us. Therefore, we take full responsibility for them and make sure they always work. There is no additional start-up cost and you can easily try the service without getting locked in to a long contract. Choose how many terminals you want and we'll deliver, whether it's one or hundreds.


Step 3. Get your results in the way that suits you best

We think that our reports should adapt to you, not the other way around, so we create reports tailored to your organisation. You can view results by logging in on the web, by getting a weekly or monthly report via email, or by adding a widget to your intranet. You don't need to install anything. Everything is accessed online. 

If you want, you can export answers to Excel or connect our system to various business intelligence tools via our API. You'll always be able to export your data and you're never locked into our system. 



Friendly service

We help you get the most out of Touch&Tell by adapting to your needs. You can contact us for support with terminals and reports, or to discuss surveys and results, whenever you want. We're always easy to reach and want to make sure you reach your goals with Touch&Tell. 


Everything is included in one simple subscription with no additional start-up fees. The price depends on the number of terminals you need and how long you want them for. Contact us and we'll tell you more. 


Get in touch, and we'll discuss how we can customise Touch&Tell to your business. 


Simple yet powerful

Touch&Tell is designed to make it very easy for customers to provide feedback and just as easy for you to work with the results. Behind the simplicity lies a powerful system that allows us to tailor our service to your specific needs. 


Add, change and delete questions remotely

It's never too late to swap out a question or change your entire survey. Changes are synced to all your terminals within one minute. 

Many question types

Smileys, multiple choice questions (that allow one or several choices), long free text, short free text, Net Promoter Score, yes/no. Touch&Tell supports all types of questions you may need. 

Follow-up questions

Do you want to pose a specific follow-up question to customers that say they're unhappy? Do you want to ask different things of new customers and regulars? Control which questions appear based on what responses the customer gives. 

Several languages

Translate your survey into several languages and let the customer switch between them. We'll help you if you don't want to translate the questions yourself.

Tailored reports

Reports should adapt to you, not vice versa. We design reports based on what questions you pose and how you want to work with the results. 

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